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Dub Mantra is a labor of love that started in December of 2009 when I wrote a resolution for the new year on a piece of paper and mailed it to myself saying "I am creating a new album"

Recording began in January of 2011, over a year later, and steadily moved forward throughout last year. I have been blessed to work with very talented artists on the project including RIta Sahai and Montino Bourbon. The mixing phase began last fall and just finished in February of 2012. Amazing art and design materialized and all the puzzle pieces gravitated together. The Mastering was done at Precise Mastering in the UK. It has been a long and inspiring journey. Aaand... I just received the CD's in the mail from the manufacturer! The art looks so freaking cool! I am so grateful to visionary watercolor artist Meganne Forbes, please check out her work online.

I'm really looking forward to handing you this album and playing this music for you wherever you are. This is my second full length solo CD. I feel like I have grown and transformed so much musically since Off Into the Unknown came out in 2007, and at the same time this concept of dub reggae kirtan mantras really goes back a long way for me. This album really has been a dream since I was a kid. I remember saying to the lead singer of my high school band when it was disbanding 15 years ago, "What I really want to be playing is Sanskrit Mantras over Reggae Rhythms..." whoa. Where did he come from? Yea its here, Dub Mantra.

---Joss Jaffe 2012

Impressions of a magikal weekend during “From the Belly of a Traveler” ATS Belly Dance Workshop, Rotterdam NL July 12-13, 2014 


World renowned ATS Belly Dancer Kristine Adams teams up with Joss Jaffe for a weekend of workshops, classes and performance in Rotterdam, NL!

July 12-13 2014 Rotterdam, NL

Event Listing

Vox Mundi Project
Mystery School of the Voice

Santa Cruz Summer Retreat
A unique and complete journey to nurture and inspire Your Musical Life. You’ll have a supreme experience, and no other music retreat will give you such a delicate balance of  musical training and creative support, ecstatic chanting and personal transformation.
July 23-29, 2014 
Pema Osel Ling, Santa Cruz Mountains


Yoga of Sound & Voice Retreat with Silvia Nakkach, Hasu Patel & Joss Jaffe.

Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley CA

May 24-25 2014


Śaśi Ian Mair’s bamboo walk

Śaśi is a Chinese Herbalist, Yogi & T’ai chi ch’uan practitioner currently living in China

He is also a Mantra singer & appears on tracks 7 & 10 of Dub Mantra

New Video Uploaded!

"Nataraj" — Dub Mantra


New Video Uploaded!

"Nataraj" — Dub Mantra

Petaluma, CA
Saturday 1/25/14 6PM
Sunflower Center 1435 N MacDowell Blvd
Dasi Karnamrita, John Wubbenhorst & Joss Jaffe

San Francisco, CA
Sunday 1/26/14 6PM
San Francisco Sivananda Yoga Center
Dasi Karnamrita, Joss Jaffe & Todd Robbins


Kirtan + Voice Workshop

Sat-Sun Dec 28-29th 7:30pm-3pm
at Maui Yoga Shala
Paia, HI

Joss Jaffe & Friends - Live Kirtan. Joss Jaffe sings sanskrit mantras set to danceable reggae rhythms from his newly released album ‘Dub Mantra.’

Joss performs extensively in the world of kirtan and yoga music, accompanying numerous of the most popular artists today including Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, Suzanne Sterling, Jaya Lakshmi, C.C. White, Shimshai and many others on tabla, percussion, bass and vocals.

Joss has trained classically at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, taking his first class from Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in 1997. His latest offering, ‘Dub Mantra,’ merges Sanskrit mantras and reggae rhythms and has been critically acclaimed in LA Yoga Magazine and other publications.

www.josstunes.com/releases ~ www.dubmantra.com ~ www.maui-yoga.com

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